All odds against us (per chance Friday the 13th weekend)

This year we decided to repeat pace the Carlsbad Marathon 26.2, upping the challenge from 3:25 to 3:15. All the training and prep for this was set in the books, till 2 days before the race:

  • A/C in our car shatters metal pieces into the timing belt. Not a quick fix.
  • SANDAG decides to shutdown the rail services for the weekend to work on the track.
  • Work week was tough, I (Roger) had to bike in cold rain that I got sick with mild bronchitis.

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Stabbed on my run today

A week ago, I had my bike stolen from me when I went to swim after work (Hilton Bay Front San Diego).  The thief followed me in, and cut the lock 2 minutes later. Here is the video:

I had a hunch, I would see the bike again as it is a rare production bike and had distinct markings. This is the bike. the thief took the aero bars off:


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World Championships?

So my last post I stated how I was awarded a slot to that Age Group (AG) world championships in Canada. This is at least a $1500 round plane trip with AirBnB to be budget.  USAT was pressuring the athletes 2 weeks after to immediately deposit $50 for a secured slot.  I questioned, what does this deposit go to?  Not the combined extra $600 for registration and team uniform…  but rather for USAT “support staff” (none which will benefit me) to fly out there.  The deadline approached, stressing me out to pay the same price of an ironman race; yet this race was just going to be a 1k swim and 5k run.  I turned it down, looking at it two ways. Continue reading

Hormones, Humility and Healing

Disclaimer: This is a personal post primarily for females to adjust the perception of fragility.

Female hormones can be a tornado, yet healthy food and exercise can stabilize the extremes. Hormones are especially an enemy for women when we are on birth control where the foreign hormones blend with natural hormones in such a way that we precisely do not even know how we feel.  Being a woman already means internal pain due to all the wonders around menstrual cycle and the weeks around that. Besides the natural miserable status, why would a woman choose voluntary discomfort in fitness? When discomfort is a choice, when it is a door to a goal, it becomes empowering.  When this choice expresses mental strength, the physical “growth pain” makes us feel like we aren’t victims in our bodies for a moment in time.  We have overcome what we can’t change to reach a result that we wanted. Fitness creates roots of self-confidence, self-value, and health that can counter balance the negative wave of contraception hormones hell. Although hormones are unpredictable, the occurrence of feelings should not be silenced. Sport has given me the ability to listen to my inner voice that I wouldn’t have listened to in the past.  Below I share why this was profound to my safety. Continue reading

“Rog-nar” long drive to Santa Cruz Aquathlon Nationals race

Finally a national championship that is within reasonable distance – Santa Cruz.  This particular race you can earn a spot for the world championships as an amateur.  I did the math and found the most cost-effective and flexible solution is driving up and sleeping in the car, considering I have no days I can take off work.

Research has proven long periods of sitting is bad for your health, even if you exercise.  So let me tell you what I do (and you can too). I call it ‘Rog-nar’, based off the ‘Ragnar’ run relay challenge where you drive while others run, until it’s your turn.

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Seeking revenge at the Mt Baldy “Run to the Top”

baldyimg_20160905_1700561Mt Baldy Ski Lifts host their 51st Annual Labor Day “Run to the Top” 7 miles race with a total of 4000′ gain.  Being that we didn’t like our Pikes Peak performance, Bessy and I wanted some revenge.  Also I (Roger) got hit with an extra low blow result at Balboa 4 miler cross-country run (XC), which I was already demotivated to do with a hamstring injury. The times put down at the Run To The Top are similar to a half marathon times (+/- 10 min). Its very grass roots, but yet a long standing race.


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Pikes Peak Ascent 2016

Pikes Peak, Colorado is famous for a few reasons, most know it for the most grueling uphill car road race (Pike Peak International Hill Climb).  Also accessible via train with the Manitou/Pikes Peak Cog Railway, that’s been open since 1891, is a tourist hot spot to be at the highest railway stop and one of the tallest mountain peaks in the USA.  You can find the largest stairway at the gnarly Manitou Incline made of 2,700+ wooden stairs at 41% grade for 1 mile.*  The city’s most treasured production is the world’s hardest trail half & full marathonPikes Peak Ascent & Marathon – starting at 7000′, finishing at 14000′.  With so many downhill races popping up here and there, you know, we just have to be different. Plus we have been meaning to visit Colorado, it really helped that our good running buddy from San Diego moved there so we weren’t lone tourists.  To appreciate the mountain’s beauty (and pains),  Dave booked us for the Manitou Springs/Cog Railway tour that brings tourists to The Peak!  This was mainly for altitude adjustment and scouting the course.  On the way up due to lack of oxygen, you get sleepy.  Some people get severe headaches but we were fine.  Up the cog rail you learn many history tidbits about the mountain, some that you never knew were nationally popular. For example, there’s a huge monument at the Peak dedicated to the song “American the Beautiful” because the author wrote it while looking at Pikes Peak.

My slideshow from the Manitou Springs / Pikes Peak Cog Railway

The next day we would be experiencing the journey on foot…

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