Chasing the 90-min Half Marathon

For a W18-34 to get into the NYC marathon she has to run either a half marathon (1:30 or under) or a marathon (3:10 or under). My current half was 1:32, and my full was 3:16.

When I crossed the Chicago Marathon 2015 at 3:11, then felt desperation that I had missed it by 1 minute, luck turned out that the standard for 2015 had been reduced to half marathon (3:13) and marathon (1:32).

p3jbantI slide into NYC Marathon through time change… but I wanted to earn that start line by the original standard.  I just had to drop my half marathon to 1:30… how hard can 2 minutes be, right?


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Mission Bay Sprint Tri

And the chapter ends. Triathlon season is done. 2015 Xterra Mission Bay Triathlon & Duathlon – USAT race report: First, thanks to Andrew Gutowski & Kristina Antipoff for letting me couch crash right near the start. I had butterflies in stomach feeling something would happen with the bike…. as I show up to race start and my tube blows, thus another thanks to Gene from Pulse Endurance Sports for saving me to be able to race. The swim went well, my best 500m ever (7:09) near the front pack! Onto the bike were it was lightly raining (this case makes an AG podium ok, since elites had a different race… no rain!) . As I am doing well to finish up on the final mile… clank clank… my chain gets stuck in the frame. At least I was able to roll down the bridge to finish the bike, but pretty much I am out of podium. Go on the run to cruise in the 5k at 19:10, which was important for me as a marathon work out, after running 21 miles yesterday. This is a key workout that Kimberly Mueller does. Post race I put in another 5 at tempo pace. They had good german bier at the end, but it started pouring that i took off on the bike back home to a hot shower and hot chocolate. Having bike issues all year really burned me out with tri, so this maybe my last tri for a while. Overall, I am happy I had a SAFE race.

2nd Dating Couple Goal

546578_214715368656588_1373381357_nThe first time we visited Brussels we took a speed train and missed the full experience of crossing the country border.  Wanting to find a fun way to literally cross the border, we found a dedicated bike route to Brussels on the map. It would be the longest we had ever biked: 112 miles! Is it possible??! Another couple we hung out with had a 2 yr old daughter that loved the bike as well, so we thought it would be a double/triple date weekend! 4 bikes, and one with a toddler & her teddy bear. It’s not crazy if other people will do it with you… right?

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1st Dating Couple Goal

Four months into meeting, Roger invited me to move with him to The Netherlands for his new job. New boyfriend, new apartment, living together, one bank account, new country, new continent. All in.

Roger had a few bucket list items he wanted to do while in Europe and one of them was ski in Italy.  Roger played ice hockey and had skiing season passes with his family since he was a toddler. I had never even touched skis or been to any slopes to avoid breaking limbs. I only rode my bike to work, I was no athlete like him! He really wanted me to share in the thrill of the experience with him. I did like the idea of learning new talents, instead of sitting at the lodge just because I hadn’t learned how to do something.

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Foreigner winning prize money

11816117_1091405110888459_5800983853277036163_o(1)The 2015 Tijuana Marathon & Half Marathon was a success with the post-race highlights being free Dos Equis XX Beer stand, local massage academy with 25 tables, and the coolest feature was Pic2Go live-posting of race photos to social media profile during the race! (at the bottom)

When Roger and I run a race together, we kiss at the start and see each other at the finish.  I was fortunate to have my friend and run leader David Martinez who was running the full as a personal pacer to guide me to my hopeful goal of 1:29. I hung into the plan until mile 8 uphill, then could not regain the cadence anymore. The heat was the same as last year, but I was able to hold onto form and will to finish at 1:36, which was a 4 minute PR from last year.  The way they organize it, both the half and the full start at the same time. The full course runs with the half until mile 13 then it rears away to the 2nd half.

Since only one woman passed me on the last few miles, I decided to check the results. Last year after the finish line, we ate breakfast and just left. We had to wait 2 hours for the result sheets to be posted. I got 2nd in my AG and 7th overall female!  Although this is a free-entry race, there are many sponsors including Coca-Cola and Dos Equis XXs beer.  Podium winners win prize money in an awards ceremony on stage!

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Solana Beach

Solana Beach Triathlon race report: First time doing this, didnt know what to expect. Slept night before on the parking lot of the beach cause it was damn nice out. Bike slept in the car, with a leak, tried stans no tube sealant but no luck.

To the swim…. cause i knew I had the leak, I had to finish fast. As I was passing people, especially buoy #2, I had to start swimming on top of someone slower than me who wouldnt let me pass. What did he do? He stopped, turned and intentionally punched me in the head. Eventually pass that point and break away from him.

Onto the bike were me and brian were out of t1 at same time, but we both had problems mounting our bikes, as it was uphill… one of those situations worth having a benny hill soundtrack playing near by.

The bike went smooth, the 10 minute waves spread things nicely so there were no beginners weaving in my way. The run went much better than I expected, i snuck in a sub 19 (18:57) which is a PR for me in triathlon, and helps me as I felt I was in a running slump last month. (this equates to a 30-60 second faster up 5k).  For a sprint triathlon great competition came out so no podium spot… but it pushed me. I ate too many garlic buddies at Pizza Port Solana Beach so I ran the course a few more times, where I did get a slight headache from that punch. Was fun seeing Kurt Braeckel on the course where I tried to keep with his fast pace.

Seeing the awards pictures, you get a super stein of Erdinger Weißbier to dump on each others heads. Perhaps some motivation for next year…