My dog ate my homework…

As a student, it was important to complete my assignments on time. Not passing in homework was wasting the point of being present in class since you’re not learning and you’re not letting others share in your thoughts on the subject.

I don’t have time is the grown-up version of the dog ate my homework.

So time being likened to homework really got me thinking.  Homework : Games :: Exercise : Sitting.  There lies the prioritizing of personal growth vs. indulgence. Of course there are roadblocks, but when you seriously want the outcome, you will find a way.

For me, forcing myself to sleep on time and get up on time, spend time with my pets, have morning coffee with friends, get my hair done after my shower, do chores & prepare my meals create a fog in my mind while having at least 2 hrs to workout daily. I sometimes bail on it, thinking I’ll make-up for it another day. I work on my feet, full-time, 20miles from home. I take everything seriously, so when it comes to myself I am soft. It’s a weakness, unless I have a really good reason to push hard. I need small motivations like an amazing breakfast post-workout, and cute outfits ready for sweating up that are laid out for the week, and then I need huge motivations like race entries or fitness photo-shoots to have fear of loss and time factor.

Roger, my husband, is up with the sunrise everyday since I’ve known him for 5 years, for sunrise workouts. Since getting into triathlon 2 years ago, he’s able to have different workouts everyday so he trains daily so running doesn’t burn him out. He also works sitting at a computer, and in general from home so I get wanting to just spread your wings to stretch and sweat. The endorphins alone motivate him, now that his mission to lose 100 lbs was completed 6 years ago.

Training, though for us, doesn’t mean physical activity. Pushing a cart to the laundromat 1 mile away to do chores, cycling to supermarket with a cart 2 miles away for groceries, meeting friends for dinner/drinks 10 miles away cycling, cycling dates to explore new coffee shops in our 5-10 mile radius neighbourhood. Movement to get around is just way of life; Training is calculated, skill building.

Fitness is a segment of daily life

Everytime I “don’t pass in my homework” and skip on a workout, for whatever reason, I’m telling myself a Participation award is good enough… that I’m worth a passing C or D grade. If I’m not happy with how that describes me, I need to change it. Let’s go!


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