The Diet War


Without much change since the 90s version, we learned that the food pyramid is heavy in grain, vegetables, then protein, finally minimizing at the peak with fats and spices. Created by government subsidies promoting these industries, who bombard advertising with supposed health benefits, this information is engraved into our minds.


Alas, through out the years we have learned not to trust even our government and question everything, looking for both sides of the argument. It is difficult to de-program everything you’ve learned about food and drink, and learn the truth about nutrition necessary to live – long and healthy. When I chose to drop down from 260 lbs to 160 lbs, I adjusted my mentality to care about what ingredients I should eat for a healthy lifestyle.

Bessy and I have different jobs. Mine as a software developer sometimes gives me breathing room to do some reading on the internet; to advance my nutritional knowledge.  I have learned that fat can be used for fuel, and excessive amounts of carbs whether they be via gluten or sugar have negative effects.  The only non fiber type carbs in my diet are calculated that it will be burned off in the morning workout, or used post-workout to shuttle nutrients to my muscles; but regardless this will be burned off during the day.


Read more on why excess sugar is bad

So Bessy doesn’t train as much as me, and on her rest days for me to see her consume dessert like treats – albeit with healthy ingredients – makes me cringe because ‘healthy’ is quite a relative term.  Seeing her last post about the difficulty of sticking to a workout plan reminded me of this.  The thing I do to motivate me is plan for a treat after the workout – no workout no treat. Regarding quality of food, I look at someone like Jared on the all Subway diet. Woohoo he lost all the weight, but the 3 sandwiches a day with all the additives [S(tandard)A(merican)D(iet)] was good enough to walk the NYC marathon in a pitiful 5h:30m; leading to a corresponding sad performance.  Performance does not only exist in sport, but can be mental – taking on a task at work, school, etc.

And look at our buddy Jared, fat again! (2012)


I did challenge Bessy to try gluten free at least – for a month – she lasted a week.  This is a hard challenge to change your mind of what is food and what time it is served.  Who said an omelet is just breakfast? Why not for dinner?  Defying stereotypes and experimentation can be fun, and is a way to avoid a routine lifestyle.

Real food…


She is quite angered that I mention this, and I may be a jerk for publicly speaking about it,  but I know she is strong mentally – I saw this as she biked through Big Sur on our trip from San Diego to San Francisco where we averaged 120 miles a day.

Maybe it is my failure, for in a challenge a reward should be offered –  and without the fear of loss factor someone might not care enough to try.  Do not get it wrong, Bessy isn’t an experiment of mine – it is a mental challenge, but my motivation is more so that I was hoping it could motivate her to have dinner with me at the same time.  Her work sometimes makes this difficult for us to have dinner together, because by the time she gets home, she is craving food that takes a long period of time to make – while I can dish up something in 10 minutes.  This is because my diet is more raw food-based and hers comfort food-based.  Sometimes we do find common ground on items.  I just look at this as a long process of adjustment, and hopefully she eventually adopts them as it is not just for sport performance, but living a long healthy and productive life.  A full transition is not necessary, occasionally I will go for a pizza, variety is the spice of life.

Regardless What you are eating, it’s Who you are sharing meal time with. Since meals as a family can be one of the most important times in a day, Where the human necessities for living come together in a full circle to be shared: See, Smell, Taste, Touch, Speak, and Listen.


Those in relationships – let us know your battles with the diet war.


4 thoughts on “The Diet War

  1. G says:

    Hey – cool blog. Look forward to more entries. 260 to 160 is great. How long did it take you and what did you do to get there? BTW, after some googling I think your Jared picture is from 2009.

    • Took 5 years, initial loss was 30 lb but then you slow down. Strict natural based diet and exercise everyday. The first time I googled for the picture I was looking for a recent picture of him, and it stated that was 2012

    • There are two types of cheat, cheating with toxic foods (McDsonalds, etc) or cheating by eating natural foods but are processed and devoid of nutrients (a scone or pastry using real butter). Toxic cheating is eliminated, while post work out I reward myself sometimes with a pastry and some protein on the side. I have no desire anymore for the toxic cheat foods, by taste buds have changed so much that raw vegetables satisfy me more than the pastry

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