You + the pavement (and everyone else)

Although 1 person sports are inspiring, they are much more fun when you can share the experience with others.  It’s great to network with people who have been there or are interested in starting to run.  Roger was invited to speak as a Run Club leader, on behalf of the San Diego Running Group,  on February 21st  during the “Lululemon La Jolla Half Marathon Info Session“.  Sheri Williams, Lululemon’s Run Ambassador added when discussing the value of setting goals, “it’s harder to miss a workout when there’s someone (enthusiastic) waiting for you.”


San Diego has so many support groups for runners of all skill levels, and we are thankful to know positive, motivated, people of all ages and cultures through them. It reduces the stress to meet new people when you are already participating in a common interest.  Running with headphones can only keep you going so long until injuries, weather changes and sporadic running partners – make you feel alone. As a run group leader, it can be buzz kill when sometimes people accept the invitation but don’t show up.  One key aspect to remember is staying consistent with your own attendance and positive attitude.  Everyday is a good day, and who ever can join you will just make it better.

endorphins limitless

Even though Roger Boston Qualified 1 month ago, he still hosts his “Take me to Boston 2014” running group because he loves sharing the workout and enthusiasm within this group of people that meet or exceed his passion for running.   Roger setup this meet, 1 mile away from our house which instantly adds an extra 2 miles to any workout. He knows these streets so well that he can tell you where to turn off if you wish to do less miles than the rest.

When I join in on the small group runs, it’s great to compare the reports after on the same course for elevation, speed and distance calculations. There are even virtual running groups, like Strava or our favorite MapMyRun, that will tell you other app users that have ran that exact course and how you rank.

It’s important to track your workouts, just to stay aware of your own progress. Yes, of course sleeping in feels better than pushing sweat on the pavement but God made humans to run… it’s the most natural of activities you can engage in alone or with others. Most people aren’t aware of the joy that rushes your own body when it creates endorphins… it’s not something that you can get through instant satisfaction.

To join a run event, doesn’t label you a marathon fanatic. It’s getting in some exercise. I liked the Road Runner Sports’ Scavenger Hunt Run where they give you clues in the 3-6 mile radius, where you get raffle tickets at each point… but theres beer for everyone at the end during the prize raffle. What a fun way to spend an evening as a date, couple friends, or just single mingling instead of sitting watching TV or aimless drinking at a bar. San Diego’s climate is a gift to outdoor living… come out and play!

Road Runner Sports’ Scavenger Hunt Weekly Run

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