Bike to work Month is May

It is National Bike to Work Month, and hopefully you are partaking.  But why just leave it there? Yes I believe try to keep it up all year,  but there is one point where I cry foul….  Those who drive to a nearby athletic venture, when the weather is perfect (runners especially, but lets not forget swimmers and cyclists).  It is absurd enough….

People who say they workout, yet aren’t losing weight; Aside from the eating less part, there is the increasing your daily activity.  A bike ride to your running event can be a nice warm up.  If you are going for a swim, there are back packs for all your gear, preparation is key.  Some extreme workout nazi’s say that these are junk miles.  Tell that to Pro Triathlete Thomas Gerlach, who counts his grocery bike miles as training: Thomas Gerlach training log – he has done an 8:33 Ironman.

Let me not forget you anti-gym/workout people…

I’m not going to hate.  Remember, that the Bike is a form of transport, you do not need to be fit to do 2 miles.  2 miles is the distance that 40% of automobile trips consist of.  I am working on a program, Discount program for cyclists where a local and sustainable business rewards you a discount just for bicycling there.  Working hand in hand, you reward the business with your patronage.  In our days of hard-to-find parking, this is a win for all of us.  This month I have added 6 businesses, but with a team of 4 or so volunteers, and many districts it is not enough.  Surprisingly, you would think the sale would be easy, but it requires some effort  so we can use all the help we can get.  The business only pays 50$ one time fee to get a sign for the door and we do the website/Facebook advertising of whatever discount they wish to offer.  We make no profit, in fact we pay out of pocket to keep the website up.  I am so thankful for the pro bike businesses that have joined, and hope this program makes them thrive.  In this time of a rough economy, save that gas money and cycle over  – take a friend or two – make it social.



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