Sub 3 Inspiration

I did it….. and didn’t expect for it to happen this soon!   I ran a marathon in under 3 hours.  For San Diego Rock and Roll 2013, I was battling Achilles Tendinitis (as of this post still am) on a 455 mile month.  The course was changed that at mile 20 you climb up Route 163, where people fell like dead flies.  It wasn’t the only climb, having another one at 22.  I was also more worried about Bessy, if she could BQ considering I am the one who asked her to do it prior to the change.  So I took a different look at it, saying this is still a fun event with all the bands, so who cares if I blow up. The strategy was simple…. stay under 6:50 for the flats, 6:40 on downhills and don’t look at the watch on up hills.

That being said, I would like to list runners who inspire me:

1) Ed Whitlock – at age 81 has the world record of a 3:15 marathon.  This shows that life isn’t over in your 30s as people think.  His program is simple, which I follow somewhat. He runs 3 hours a day in a cemetery, easy pace.  The only speed work comes in form of weekend races such as 10ks.

2) John Minervino – The son of one of my former bosses.  Started running at age 30, with asthma – which I also have.  Ten or so years later, is doing 2:53.  He ran 12 miles a day: 6 miles to the gym I trained at which I drove to, where he would lift, then run back.

3) David Goggins – I see him run the same routes I do in San Diego sometimes. Ex-powerlifter turned ultimate endurance athlete (kind of like me), who won bad water, has done Ironman Kona in 12 hours, broke the world pull up record,  and his insane daily training routine:

4) Dean Karnazes – Another ultra runner, who is famous for 50 marathons in 50 days,  then upped the ante by running across the United States doing 70 miles a day.  One day drinking at a bar wasting his life away, decided to just run home…. 30 miles.

5) Jackie Joyner-Kersee – Former Olympic Gold Medalist, also an asthmatic.

6) Chrissie Wellington – Coming out of nowhere, to dominate in Ironman, as 4 time world champion and also nearly beating men to win an overall race in south Africa.  She is so humble, and always smiling.


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