Top 5 Rules for Packing as a Couple

In the last 6 years, I’ve had to learn to compromise so much when it came to travelling with someone else. It’s sort of a growing pain, which can lead to the worst arguments ever, that teaches you about your way of thinking and reacting to crisis. I would assume we remembered everything because it was on my list, but he didn’t look at my list. For starters, checkout these spot-on videos at the thought process of how girls and guys pack a suitcase:

How a Girl Packs a Suitcase

(My favorite is “What if there aren’t any chairs? What if I want to clean something?”)

How a Guy Packs a Suitcase

Here’s my List of Must Do’s, or you will definitely forget things and blame each other & feel rushed…

  1. Have a bag for him, and a separate bag(s) for her. Leave extra room for souvenirs.
  2. Do not pack each other’s bags.  Specifically, do not ask the male to pack any of the females items. The one thing he thinks doesn’t fit and isn’t important, 99% of the time will be the key element for all your outfits to make sense!
  3. Help him pick out the outfits you wish for him to wear from the closet at home. You know his closet better than he does.  Too little to late when you get there & all he brought was sandals and shorts.
  4. Just bring along your swim/run gear… what if you decide to do a race & don’t have all your stuff! Either way, it’s better to take sneakers and not wear them, than have to stay home because you only brought high heels.
  5. Everyone travelling gets a copy of the itinerary & an important task: 1 person puts all bags in the car/taxi and locks the house, 1 person prepares the food to eat at airport before the flight (Let him be in charge of the food! He will love it!)

Doing these steps will make the packing portion SO much easier!  Were these obvious to you at first? What am I missing that helps your trips work?


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Rules for Packing as a Couple

  1. Absolutely delegate one or two tasks ONLY to the guy and you do all the rest. He won’t read the checklist so read it to him before you leave so he AGREES it did pack all on the list!…and also watch him go get the items he forgot as you read the checklist to him! hahaha!

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