Hate to admit it, but I took a rest day or two…

Ever since my PR at Rock and Roll Marathon, I have been in a struggle. I kept the same volume, but my paces shot up by 1-3 minutes per mile – terrible.  I didn’t feel tired at all though, but this I suppose is your body telling you that you need recovery by purposely slowing you down, striking without notice.  We received a wedding invite which was in 3 months…. I struggled through these slow paces thinking something magical would happen but no avail, so I caved in and decided to not run on the plane ride there and back, and cut down my volume by 80%. We stayed in the Italian Alps, so how can one not run here? It is my form of tourism.  The flight over is a dismal 16 hours plus, but I’m glad we took Lufthansa and transferred in Munich, where they have unlimited free coffee/espresso/cappuccino machines!

We land in Venice airport, where the groom picks us up and takes us to our stay at his aunt’s house who happens to be the town’s mayor!  On the way, I notice corn fields, and am shocked, as this is not a natural crop to the area.  The groom says its only for animal feed…. likely the chicken and cows used for McDonalds… o ye globalization.

Get to our apartment, and lets go for a run (yes I said a break, but this is a 20 person village, nothing much to do here!)

Running up ze Alps…

above the clouds….

Ok I’m bored now, no more running!  (Especially after a COLD rainy day, it nearly did me in).

Lets enjoy the village….

Ahh the Italian life style, cappuccino all day

Hand made natural ingredient pastries….

Pizza Party ( I love white pizza, no tomato sauce, and you get a big layer of prosciutto as a topping).  FYI, you can find this style of pizza in south park san diego @ Buona Forchetta

And the wedding, in the Italian Alps, as these friends of ours happen to ski, one of my and bessy’s other hobbies.. (notice her fur top? yea it was cold out there!)

The Italian tradition is for the bride and groom to meet outside the church, then walk in first, and when the wedding is done, they are the last ones to leave.  This wedding also mixed in other traditions, as it was catholic and protestant, and both in German and Italian!

After the wedding the reception, 7 course wine-paired meal finishing with dessert:  instead of icing, they used pure chocolate!

in addition, those chocolate cups in the picture where filled with sweet whipped cream;  there was flan, and chocolate mouse.

Some dancing in between….

And  Bavarian tradition calls for a large pretzel, white sausage, and beer at 12am… I devoured 7 of the pretzel/sausage pairings.

Note: Do not eat the casing of the sausage, its disgusting!

I was trying to gain a good 5-10 lb… gained 0 with about 10k+ calories eaten… so high is my metabolism.

Ok what is the end result of this rest thing?

A 5k PR of 18:20!! My first sub 6 minute mile race (5:55 average).  So yes rest is needed, but don’t rest too much! (Coach Jim Vance states you lose fitness of your sport with 2 days off in a row…).  Aside from running goals, this reminds me of our wedding bucket list goal, to attend one polish and an indian wedding.  So far, aside from this particular one we have done US american and brazilian.


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