Lake Havasu 140.6 Vacation Race

I paid 150$ for this race, cause I signed up very early, they even extended this discount after the expiration date that you can get 150$ if you volunteer. Also you can cheap it out by camping on race grounds wildflower style. What is also great about this series is there is not much pressure, if you want to jump down to 70.3, oly, or sprint, you can. The half and full go off at the same time, so you don’t feel lonely on the course in a small race.

Even if you pay the normal rate, its worth it, especially this destination, a typical college spring break party destination. (girls gone wild films here, hahaha)

I did a 140.6 in training to see if I can finish 2 years ago, and knowing that decided unless I am paid to do it or there is a sick deal, no thanks… so officially this is my first one.
dry, low 80s at the peak… I was worried about a 62* water temp but it was 65* aka PR weather

Daily Training:
6am: 12mi run (some 16-20 milers thrown in) with deadlifts to finish.
12pm: 1km pool swim
through out the day: 28-40 mi of biking. 50% is commuting on mountain bike or road bike – Lose the car where ever you can, like biking to my swim.
Most my work is LSD, did local races for my speed work and testing of where I am at. Fearless Races (5k and double sprint), Lifetime Oceanside, Tiki Swim 2.4 miles (I consider this a MUST if you do any November 140.6 race )

Low carb – only carb up was eating the “man pizza” and lobster burger patty night before the race at barley bros. restaraunt by london bridge (I mention this as I try to support local business when I travel out to races). Before the race 40g dark chocolate and coffee, mile 60 on the bike took 4 gels and a power bar till finish. On the run 3 gels, 3 cups of coke. As for other food in havasu, check out red onion for breakfast, they bake their own bread.

Swim: 1:22
Tiki swim I did 1:19 in the ocean with large wave entry, so I was hoping to do better here. It consists of 2 laps where the Race Director comes out to high five you as you enter the second lap. The water was so clean, and clear, I took a couple of gulps.

T1: 2:10
shoes clipped in, drink some zip fizz here

Bike: 5:54
I previewed the course day before on the bike, as a car won’t give you a feel of how rough the tar/gravel pavement is, which slows you down. The state park section was a big slow down zone, tight turns on loose gravel, 5 sand pits that you have to bunny hop over. Hopefully they remove this section next year, saw a couple of people go down here. The turn around point is filled with climbing which I don’t mind…. after 4 laps you total about 3600′. Didn’t account for this in my race predictions earlier, but I’m fine with climbing. I believe the rough surface slows you down 1mph, where I didn’t get to hold 20mph+ average like I wanted. Glad I had gatorskins here, as I lost my tire levers and co2 from the rough ride.

T2: 1:40
This felt longer, for some reason here, took a breather, drank another zip fizz and off to the run

Run: 3:31
I trained to hold 3:30, so I will take it. This year they removed the stairs, so the course was perfect with some easy rollers. Run was fastest run split overall, I could have put down more, but as volunteers got tired I had to start pouring my own water at some aid stations. I did cramp at mile 22, but pushed on diaphragm for a mile to get it out…. decided to cruise here. Its 2 out and backs, so you can track your progress via other athletes.

Finish: 10:52

My goal was under 11… and I got it. Had no idea I was 1 minute away from 3rd over all, but my goal wasn’t podium. I placed as 3rd male overall, and I give props to Sarah Jarvis ( ) who looked so strong through out the course I thought she was going to get 1st overall!

So if you are looking for a PR course, save some money and come do this race. I invite the pro’s and sub elites to also come out to this race, as it can be a great training session regardless – I think someone can go under 8 hours here. So happy about the race series, focus is on the athlete having great experience and not profit!!

I wanted to do the sprint or olympic next day (the over all winner did the sprint, and came in 3rd) but my wife lost the keys to the van… so unshowered and bike pee all over my legs, had to sleep in it under the bright parking lot lights, aka no sleep. Thankfully I found the bike keys in the morning, to go shower and checkout of the hotel in morning. Then volunteered at the expo next day anyways, it was fun to see the oly/sprint racers (my wife, and tri club buddies.


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