Fixed Fitness

Four days ago, I finished the Arizona Rock N Roll Marathon with my wife, were I blew up at Mile 10 trying to repeat a sub 3, I didn’t quit though and jogged in a 3:07.  This effort left me sore but I did my recovery runs the following days at deathly slow pace. Yesterday to avoid burn out of running, decided to put down 100 miles on the bike, unfortunately did not eat right for this as I ate slow digesting food during the ride.  My body is a hurtin, and I feel the flu coming on.

I decide to do a sub mediocre day… my 3rd session was a joy ride bike to the gym for strength work.  On my ride, a trolley passes and I go through in an area with one car standing around for 5 minutes and low traffic ( I could lay in the middle of the street here for a few minutes without a car coming close ).  Then all of sudden some hootin and hollerin from the most stereotypical hipster rider you can see – no helmet, ragiddy jeans, one strap courier bag, fixie bike with no brakes.

He yells at me that I cut the car off (who was sitting at a red light ?? ) and supposed to obey the laws – saying that I am making all cyclists look bad.  He is waiting at a red light thinking I was long gone, I circle back and said well you should be wearing a helmet ( more so because his unwashed long hair do was a fashion crime ).  He starts swearing at me calling me a fag, etc.  So I decided to pursue him, to make sure he is righteous in his ways. This sparked some excitement in me, because I wasn’t motivated to hit the gym today…  While following him, he blows through 3 stop signs not looking, better yet the last one was through heavy fast traffic of Harbor Dr.  I catch him at a redlight and told him about the infractions he committed, saying “he who has not sinned cast the first stone”.  More swearing from him, and he still said what I did makes cyclists look bad, lol.  I’m keeping my cool, laughing at his anger, so I keep chasing him after the light changed.  He is flipping off cars for no reason, I felt like going back to each driver and apologizing for him but kept on his tail.  We held a 21mph average, which I will give to him was surprising and gave me a good workout considering my physical state.   He takes out his cellphone camera to take a picture of me, perhaps to post on his rebellious blog – I wave and smile.  I ride side by side to him and notice no front brake, pretty sure by law that is required, and mention it to him – he keeps on getting angry, while I am amusing myself.  After this point he does the typical fixie rider side brake thing and takes off in another direction, guess he didn’t want to play any more.  Moral of this story, its good to be always in shape, even for stupid reason like this – where people think they can mouth off to you and run/ride away.  This event set my spirits high as I was approaching exercise burn out, from things becoming mundane. So angry hipster, thank you.


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