You K, I K, We All Day 5K!

The day before the Carlsbad 5000 All day 5k (4 5k races within 20-50 min apart) which would be perfect Boston practice with crowds & training strategy for pushing yourself.  With the dedicated marathon training 60-70 miles running miles a week for April (Boston) and June (San Diego) races,  we needed a change of pace… so Saturday afternoon we decided to join friends for inaugural fundraiser Brewery Tour of San Diego by bicycle to give our legs much needed stretching.   After the event we drive up to Carlsbad to avoid traffic race morning.

Mike, Carolyn, Bessy, Roger doing a city wide 1000 cyclist strong tour to 4 breweries.

 DCIM100MEDIAOceanfront Cozy Getaway: The night before, we parked at ocean which was 1 mile from the Start Line, opened sunroof for fresh air and to hear the waves. Woke-up at 5:30am. Yes this is our Honda Civic hatchback, the camera does make it look roomy inside.

First 5k (40+ Men’s): 7am, conditions were quite perfect for racing with the marine layer.  A couple of friends Robert (18:23 PR) and Dave (3rd overall) were also participating in the all day race, this was their division.  It was very crowded with people not lining up in there respective pace time zones, so the start was not that fast, it also mimics the crowdedness of Boston, so fine.  Knowing there would be traffic I didn’t bother looking at my watch and went by feel. Little did I know I was doing a decent pace, ending up with 18:51 for round 1.  It was quicker than I wanted but maybe it was cause I kept Mr. Diaz in my sights.  Hitting 18 was a goal for the day, but I wanted to do it in my division (low 18).  Between each race I would jog to get the miles in but also it was strategic to prevent muscles from locking up.

Fun run buddies David, Robert, Maureen (center)

Second 5k (40+ women): 8:05, I ended up with a slower time of 19:48, that is fine.

Third 5k (30-39 Men and Women): 8:35, I hit a cliff shot for a quick round 3 which started just few minutes after where I hit 19:38 and by chance was running with SD running great Kim Mueller.  Yes I dropped my goal of low 18. DCIM100MEDIA

Fourth 5k (29 and Under): The final round, I was excited because I get to run with Bessy, were she was shooting for under 20:00.  Otherwise this was an easy victory lap.  I was motivated to race among the young speedsters, but then there was much more pressure since only the First 250 get a finisher medal: accountability! I stood between 6-Min/Mile pace, since I’d be in better chance to hit my goal if I kept high school boys in my sights.  There were 2 180-turns, and I was focusing on keeping the tangent and also staying within 6:30. So I followed her when she took off, with the first mile it seemed she was on pace to a low 19.  As I said I did this race by feel, no looking at the watch so thought following her 10 sec behind would get us our goals (my goal was 3 19s and an 18).  By chance I did look at the watch and saw a pace of 6:30 and attempted to make that up at the finish but no go.  So how did Bessy do? She missed it by 2 seconds! 20:01.

  They had 2 sets of timing matts at the finish one under the sign and one after.. not sure if you have to keep sprinting to the one after but for all races I did that as I had mishaps at other races.  It is a decent performance for her I know she can do it next time.  For me this was the first time doing a unique race like this so there isn’t much to be upset about. Not sure how to analyze the results – is it an indicator of your potential 13.1 performance? After everyone’s waves were finished, to watch the Elite athletes, where the American record was broken with a 13:19!


These are our friends Carolyn and Mike who we biked with yesterday for 26+ miles, watching the elites race. Carolyn also participated and got a 1 minute PR!

And races are fun with post race celebration, free slice at Pizza Port!!  Supporting local businesses, this is a well produced race.

pizza port!




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