Into the Wild

“The secret to mountain biking is pretty simple. The slower you go the more likely it is you’ll crash.” ~ Julie Furtado

PhotoGrid_1399873427249After all the running miles leading to Boston, I needed to do something completely different. I already love trail running and road cycling, so it was time.

I joined Ladies’ Greater San Diego Mountain Bike meet-up since I had met the organizer, Cheryl a few months ago at an endurance sports dinner. She coordinated to borrow the perfect sized high quality mountain bike to give Mountain Biking a try.  She introduced me to the crew that morning, I felt welcome. This was the beginner route day.

I asked hundreds of questions and had a 30-min warm-up to understand all the gears. I learned quickly that it’s all about the gears. The guys that joined were really supportive and helpful advising which gears to be in on which areas.

I had to tap into my downhill skiing courage and follow at close as I could everyone’s line on the road. The tires are fearless, I wanted to deserve them.

In the 13 mile route, out of the 7 people that started:

  • one bike broke a derailer, that rider and her friend turned back
  • one bike’s brake line rubbed against the tire and burned open, but he stayed on the route without front brakes
  • one bike’s seat kept moving, but she stayed on the route
  • one bike’s front suspension system stopped working properly, but he stayed on the route
  • I ran out of water 8 miles in, everyone offered water from their camelbacks

It was great to breathe the mountain air, in the trails and brave some downhills really fast. I walked very steep ones, and road others. Since a specific bike is needed to enjoy the routes, and most of the time you’re destroying your bike on jumps and bad terrain, I think I’ll stick with trail running.


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