We have split our ways

We have split our ways.  Team Roger and Bessy is no more.  A change has happened. No more TCSD or Team Schlemps.

break up

Not what you think! We are still married, we just are now on different teams. Since Bessy works at Xterra Wetsuits, she is a part of their team.  Her first separate race from Roger was at Koz’s Spring Sprint 2014.

bezzy being fab on the left

Roger took the opportunity to join the Fearless Racing Team.  Roger wanted to network with some other athletes and to take training to another level.

It is also pretty cool to be sponsored, the team having:

  • Kiwami Tri Race kits, sponsored by XLR8 SportsMed
  • Falco Bikes (frames/wheels)
  • CycleOps (trainers)
  • Louis Garneau (helmets)
  • Skins (compression)
  • Roka (yea that would be the competitor of Xterra)…
  • Sketchers shoes (Can’t wait to try the shoes that helped Meb win the Boston Marathon!)

One of the team members won IM Korea, many competed in Kona.

Kit pic coming soon, I plan to use it in RnR San Diego because of its design to keep me cool when I heat up.

We will be doing a different race schedule and there is some big exciting news to look out for.   But there will be races and events we do together, for instance this year we returned for the 33rd annual sushi eating competition at Ichibahn Sushi in Hillcrest.  Last year I won easily, and Bessy had a so close competition that in a 3 way tie for 2nd and 3rd, the tie breaker put her in 4th.

This year was no shooting fish in a barrel for Roger.  It looks as if the restaurant hired some team of japanese kids who all had a uniform on to beat him.  Nerves were building, and worse, when he sat down to see the plate for round 1, it looked bigger than last year.  Yea, duh, they have one piece for every year the restaurant has been open – so another is added.  The whistle goes off, and I (roger) hit my pace, a bit sloppy cause of the nerves.  As I see 6 pieces left a loud roar comes up…. yep someone beat me in this round and broke my record from last year.  I hustled up to take 2nd.   After I notice I easily took out the kids hired to beat me. The guy who smoked me looked like a local, all cool with his shades and chargers hat to keep his poker face – but I kept my eye on him.

Intermission time, and this is when Bessy does round 1. Less female competitors this year, but still she came in with a strategy, not only to work her pace, but also to mix rolls (switching between dry sesame coated and avocado coated).  Brilliant, I even decided to use this strategy for my final round.  For both rounds, she held her pace and it was good enough to take the win even beating employees of the restaurant.  First place over all Female!

Final round for the men. I am worried, thinking third maybe lucky with this new gringo on the block.  There is a delay in making the sushi, and I screw up putting soy sauce too early.  Regardless the time comes – we are off, and Bessy’s strategy is working me well, on to plate 2 and I start looking over at the gringo… It is so damn close.  But in the final seconds, I widen my mouth and stuff in an extra 2.  We have an extra 15 seconds (you have 2:14 to do as many as you can).  Even though he vomits after this, the extra 2 pieces I took was enough to give me the win!  I was still hungry and ate some ginger and the left overs of my place.  1st place over all 3 years in a row!  I am an ok runner, stinky triathlete, but here I am the MICHAEL JORDAN of this shit!


So our first event where we BOTH got 1st overall, totalling 600$ in sushi prize money.

lol her’s is backwards #teamSchlemps folley


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