Unwritten Rules of the Road

Bessy is training for something big. One classic workout for determining fitness is a 100-mile ride with 3 mile at pace run after; helps check-off skills needed like nutrition, climbing & descending calmly, road awareness, tire changing, and more.

6am with our race bikes we ride 25 miles to the Triathlon Club of San Diego’s Saturday Del Mar Starbucks ride. We get there with time to spare, and roll with the A group which had some elite Swiss female athletes riding.  Unfortunately Bessy has to be in work by 12, so we break off and head down to a route we know we can finish within time.

Bessy gets a flat, and we lose time.  Unwritten rule 1) Since flat tires cost time from your workout plan, considering rarely you burn as many calories per mile on a bike as a run, if you have extra time to run instead of biking, do it. On average every run mile you burn 100 calories, while you need 4 bike miles to match that.

After 44 miles a quick pit stop at Girard Gourmet, which has cinnamon pecan rolls which pair well with smoked salmon.  Roll out for another 16  where things change.  Bessy strays away on a different route, yet we are on path to the same meeting place.  Time is running short for her so she has to bail at a total of 60 but still ran 3 to work.

I am going through a green light when all of a sudden this guy makes a LEFT on RED, right into me.  Boom, there goes my bike, I am okay. I stop my Garmin, cause that shit is important yo.

My bike is a goner with the gears and derailleurs smashed in, wheels bent beyond what a truing can do.  I was just 4 miles from home!  So getting home and finishing the workout is still on my mind.  Many witnesses were there to see the accident.  Someone calls 911, as he is handing me insurance his hand is shaking.  I am just glad he stopped, typically in San Diego it is a hit and run.  He states he is willing to pay for the bike….  Well the damage is so much a new one (of similar value) will be needed, otherwise lawyers, insurance and police would lead to a bigger mess for him, and long wait for a new bike for me (albeit, one 3x the value) – I didn’t want to wait and just wanted to get home and finish my workout!  We negotiated he will buy me a new bike, and we were not to far from Moment Cycle Sport.  While others may look to this as fortune I rather would have kept my old bike – I built it myself, road from San Diego to San Francisco in 4.5 days, etc.

So I get the bike, shake the guys hand and thank him for not running, and ride home.  I had left our car at the dealer to get it repaired for smog, so I still had 30 miles to go. I switch to my beater bike, cause I don’t want to risk it again. This brings me to unwritten rule #2) don’t use your race bike in urban areas!  I ride up, and another busy area where I plan to go straight, next to me a right turn only lane. It is red… yet again an incident!  This guy doesn’t even stop and does a wide turn (I am on the left to continue straight, all legal) and he runs over my foot!  It wasn’t that bad, I just continued on with adrenaline still flowing. I get to the dealer, do a quick 5k run to match a previous workout I did for my HITS Lake Havasue 140.6 Iron distance test, where I beat it by 10 minutes!

I drive down to pick up the shambles of my bike, and what luck I am pulled over cause my license plate registration sticker fell off.

Ticket happy police

I get home though, to find a letter for Bessy, that she is receiving a check, where she beat a stop sign violation ticket on her bike.  The officer failed to cite her correctly and did not have proof, and she won via trial by mail stating the facts. Unwritten rule #3) a bicycle stop-sign violation can be vague, especially in San Diego.  There is no rule stating to put your foot down, nor the amount of time be stopped.  Just that you come to a complete full stop, then again that is the officer’s discretion.  But if you have a deadlier object, such as a car, it takes more effort to stop. That’s why speed limits on bike-share roads are so important to keep low.  Driving a car is a privilege, not a right – although human movement is a right.

What a day of ups and downs, and time for me to lay down, 2.5 mile ocean swim on the agenda tomorrow, 0 bikes!


One thought on “Unwritten Rules of the Road

  1. Holy smoke! Hit by a car twice in a day. Glad you’re okay and that the first dude stopped and bought you a new bike, at least. You’ve got more lives than cats! 🙂

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