A couple of coaches

“You are not my coach!” rings in my ears from her.  Officially I am not, but I can’t hold back the urge to give advice because I went through the suffering she is going through or about to endure.  The intention is to protect her because results only come from suffering in this sport which just leads to burn out where one does not want to participate anymore.  Since it keeps our minds and bodies in sync via the lifestyle, which includes eating habits, sleep and other routines – when we train and race together.  Yes, I probably do cross the line when I lay a guilt trip on her for sub-par performance, missed workouts, or sleeping in – because I know this affects our time together.

Perhaps she doesn’t put forth the effort, cause you know I made that marriage commitment to love her for the rest of our lives, unlike in a real coaching situation where this could get her ‘fired’.  That is right, a coach can drop you like nothing – because coaches are typically used as scape goats, and lack of effort will be blamed on them, spreading a poor public message that will lose them future clients.  There are other couples out there I have seen who are successful, coach-client (pre-marriage) or coach-coach.  I wonder if they still coach each other? What are your thoughts on spousal coaching, is it just better to hire a third party?

On the third party….

I see many coaches out there, all certified with questionable practices.  No connection to the athlete, spitting out a cookie cutter program that does not account for the athlete’s daily stress levels.  For instance one can do more activity if they have a desk job as opposed to a nurse on their feet all day for 12 hour shifts.

In addition, these coaches lack knowledge in nutrition, which is absolute key in an athlete’s recovery… so they give the athlete outdated information from studies proven wrong (low fat, anti-saturated animal fat) or watching to many Gatorade ads.

food pyramid diet of a typical coach

The worst advice I see is on tapering rest days, where basically they tell the athlete to be a couch potato long before the race. They should push for active rest, and if anything taper should happen 2 days before a race, not 2 weeks.

Anyone can pass a certification exam… but applying knowledge is the truth teller.  You should look up that coach’s results on athlinks.com from when they were an athlete.  Experience is of high value and makes it easier to understand the athlete’s body and emotions.


One thought on “A couple of coaches

  1. Kurt@TriPurple says:

    I think it best to keep coaching out of the family! It is easier to be objective when you’re not sharing a house!

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