Inaugural “UnOfficial Man” Report

What started as a race-simulation for my upcoming iron distance race… With 2 weeks of coordinating with Thao Vu & Roger, this plan became “UnOfficial Man”:  a free 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 run  on dedicated bike/pedestrian paths split into various combination options open to all ages.


  • 25 people registered to participate in combos of the disciplines
  • a finish clock
  • SS Program Guide (do just one part or, 70.3: 2 loops, 140.6: 4 loops
  • catered dinner after
  • a mini documentary of the transition area and finish line.

What did I learn?

1. I need a 20 minute swim warm-up to be focused to maintain appropriate cadence, and stay calm in crowded water.  Swimming isn’t natural for me, so I won’t be smooth and efficient through the water unless I’m 1k in.  I decided not to warm-up to save energy, and I regretted it. 1.5mi in I got anxious, lost my form and didn’t get it back.

2. Nutrition every 20 miles (200 calories & 32oz water) worked excellent for me on the bike.  My Profile Design handlebar bottle was great, but I need another bottle to reduce my refill stops.  I need an aero-bento box to reduce time dealing with nutrition bars taped onto the bike & opening wrappers.  In hot weather, chocolate-covered mangos melt terribly & do not digest well and cramped me for 5 miles.

3. Every 6 miles (1 gel, 2 water gulps, 1 gum) worked well for me on the run.  My legs/hips were heavy from 7 hour bike, and my clothing was terribly chaffed by time marathon just started so I was in serious discomfort.   I ended up unzipped my one piece and tucked it in since chaffing in all positions made it “diaper running” style. I hadn’t noticed that the kit was too big for me since I hadn’t raced longer than 2 hours in it. I’m glad happy to find that out before race day.  My choice of the ECCO Train sneakers was excellent, I won’t really trust my feet and knees to marathon run in anything else. I decided to wear socks on the bike and run which was a great idea.

4. I need to use WATERPROOF SUN PROTECTION & Anti-Chaffing cream for all my newly discovered chaffing zones. Nuff said.

5. Nutrition Choices:

  • ZipFizz , and a Perfect Food bar in transition
  • Rock Salt in my morning Zip Fizz bottle, in my FuelBelt water bottles, and my 2nd half of marathon Zip Fizz bottle helped me contain the water I was drinking, and just peed once on the bike and once on the run. That’s pretty amazing since only January of this year, I had THE WORST water retention/lack of sodium issue at the Rock N Roll Phoenix where I was dehydrated and kept drinking water, but peed 5 times during the run!
  • 1 coke at Mile 60 on bike woke me up. If that’s not available, I’ll carry an emergency 2x caffeinated gel with me on the bike.
  • Perfect Food bars were easy to eat, kept the shape even in heat, and digested well into fast energy. I’ll just bring those on race day.

Mini-Documentary of the Day


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