Work and Hobby balance

People see my volume numbers and ask if I work. Yes I do work,  efficiently.

Here is a typical day:

5:30 wake up 2-2.5 hour workout

8:00 shower and work 1 hour – eating breakfast at the desk

9:00 20 minutes of movement, back to work 2 hours, eating at desk again

11:30 bike to swim workout and back, under 1 hour.

12:30 work 2 hours, eating lunch at desk.

2:30 bike 1-2 hours, getting groceries and such along the way.

4:30 work 2-3 hours, eating at desk.

Daily workout hours  : under 5

Daily work hours : 6-8

So yes I have the advantage of working at home. If you have a computer desk job, you should push for telecommute too as it benefits you and your employer. Your benefit: Scheduling your own hours, and no need to waste your life in a car commuting. Your employer’s benefit: No need to waste money on electricity, a/c, plumbing, square footage to house your ass for 8 hours a day… addition less excuses for you not to work… flat car tire, tardiness, mild sickness,etc.

Now you see my daily work hours sometimes do not reach 8. It is because truthfully: an average person does less than 3 hours of actual work a day. So even better yet, instead of dragging one problem on for 8 hours, I completely change my mental state. While exercising sometimes I do find the solution as my mind wanders and recollects – so easily I have turned an 8 hour office job into only 2 hours of real work. (1 hour of contemplating the problem, the next hour implementing the solution).

There is a TSS (training stress score) outside of triathlon – work.  Take that into consideration.  Exercise does reduce stress. If you are stuck on a problem, mobilize yourself!.

There are some drawbacks to working at home as home should be a place of rest too – thus why I split my day up (And it helps not to sit around all day ) .  There is a lack of human interaction, but then again not having to listen to people at work who have vice interests as eating carne asada french fry burrito and drinking beer on the weekend as their highlight is nice.

To finish this blog, I hit you over the head with a realization: you are probably reading this while at work!


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