Fashion on the Blue Carpet: KONA 2014 Highlights

Early on one of Roger’s selling points to me on triathlon was since I liked changing into multiple outfits, triathletes get to do that a lot in training and racing. It totally worked! I now have almost as much swim/bike/run clothes as I do work clothes. Putting giggles aside, let’s talk best and worst dressed at KONA 2014.

Where’s the light out of this darkness?

Swim  It was the only area of sport that’s still underwhelming as far as design creativity.  Only a couple color burst speedsuits stood out in the sea of black, so hopefully more brands will start to “lighten it up” in the water.  It could be because the water is so tropically amazing that the only color that doesn’t blend into the corals for pictures is black?

Bike Other than the obvious investment of thousands into a hooked up ride, many modifications made the 2014 cycling portion at IRONMAN World Championships faster, and smarter than ever. From hiding any wires into a box behind the seatpost, to aero bar salt stick dispensers >>> See the juicy details here.

The DIMOND “floating seat” bike just gives any true tri-geek goosebumps of innovation. Maik Twelsiek had the 2nd fastest bike split of the day too, so it’s not just sexy it’s fast!

Dimond “floating seat” frame

The print on Frodeno’s bike uncovers the machine that he truly is, even the wheels!

frodenos bike


Both Sebastian and Rinnie wore New Balance racing flats for their smoking marathon times. With all the color combinations available for running shoes it was disappointing that most Pro athletes did not match their running shoes to their championship race kit!  Don’t be fooled by Rinnie’s bright colored kit and matching New Balance shoes, everything about this light and comfortable gear was fierce. She made the greatest comeback from a 14 minute gap to reach 1st place by 2 minutes!

rinnie turbo

Fastest run of the day was Ivan Rana, 2:44 after having biked 112 miles. Yes, you’re right, he’s an Olympic runner already. Can’t figure out what shoes he’s wearing.

Best Full Package

Rachel Joyce’s sweet color combinations

Rachel Joyce‘s helmet and Cervelo racing kit colors fading perfectly with her Cervelo bicycle wooed me. I’m already obsessed with black, red, and white but the white shoes matching the chainstay were icing on that cupcake. This unique matching package didn’t just look hot, she had an incredible performance too!

Black in all the right places, and red white and blue every where else. Nicely put together.

Tim O’Donnell‘s RWB kit and American stars and stripes bike was the feel good ensemble of the day. I liked the touch of yellow in the race wheels and shoes as a pop of speedy color on K Hwy.

Strange to see Faris Al-Sultan‘s body covered up but at least it was with a cool green fade through this “No weak link” kit & helmet set. The race wheels and super aero-design of this Storck bike hopefully balance all the drag from that beard.

Worst Full Package

sebastian bikeOh Sebastian, your helmet is a very cool RedBull design, the bike has a stock yellow/black (that matched a bunch of other SCOTT bikes on the course), your shoes are orange, and your kit is a basic black and white. Hideous! Was it laundry day?!

Orbea made a sweet RedBull printed bike frame.

RedBull made a perfectly matching cycling kit to your helmet that would’ve made you look like a flying RedBull bullet!

The majority of Daniela’s triathlon past just had ITU uniforms, so it’s a little forgivable that she’s wearing what looks like items from a tri store’s Clearance section. With a year of planning, why show up with this?! Both RedBull helmets look very cool, but then there’s no effort to match the bike colors or the kit. Super impressive bike speed with a non-aero helmet too Ryf.


manly headbands

I’ve never seen a happier man in a leaf headdress.

I think the 5 minutes Ben lost to Sebastian were in those layers of conservative hat/scarf.

Seriously though, congratulations to all the participants who were feet in the water to start this epic race on the 40th year of triathlon; we stand in awe at the performance of this year’s podium once again.


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