Solana Beach

Solana Beach Triathlon race report: First time doing this, didnt know what to expect. Slept night before on the parking lot of the beach cause it was damn nice out. Bike slept in the car, with a leak, tried stans no tube sealant but no luck.

To the swim…. cause i knew I had the leak, I had to finish fast. As I was passing people, especially buoy #2, I had to start swimming on top of someone slower than me who wouldnt let me pass. What did he do? He stopped, turned and intentionally punched me in the head. Eventually pass that point and break away from him.

Onto the bike were me and brian were out of t1 at same time, but we both had problems mounting our bikes, as it was uphill… one of those situations worth having a benny hill soundtrack playing near by.

The bike went smooth, the 10 minute waves spread things nicely so there were no beginners weaving in my way. The run went much better than I expected, i snuck in a sub 19 (18:57) which is a PR for me in triathlon, and helps me as I felt I was in a running slump last month. (this equates to a 30-60 second faster up 5k).  For a sprint triathlon great competition came out so no podium spot… but it pushed me. I ate too many garlic buddies at Pizza Port Solana Beach so I ran the course a few more times, where I did get a slight headache from that punch. Was fun seeing Kurt Braeckel on the course where I tried to keep with his fast pace.

Seeing the awards pictures, you get a super stein of Erdinger Weißbier to dump on each others heads. Perhaps some motivation for next year…


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