Food waste: Crime Against Humanity

Working downtown, I pass by big buck lawyer lunch places and what not, and always see plates half full of uneaten food. Where does this food go? In the trash.  I thought they would be smarter, they are lawyers of course – but that also means lack of compassion I suppose. Its not only on the high end, but you can visit any fast food local and see a half eaten burger or taco meal left in a wrapper that pigeons/rats come after or just lies in the trash.   We heard of 3rd world countries having starving people, but because its not in front of our face here in America, people think food supplies are boundless.

Other reasons are why are we killing an animal, and discarding the majority of it (also thanks to choosing lean only meats – the animal fat is actually good for you SOURCE ).  God gave us these animals for us to eat, not to waste. Perhaps because most things coming in a package or reshaped to some other food desensitizes us that the food we eat is actually of an animal.

Doesn’t look like a chicken anymore…

Why are we giving vegans and climate people change fuel for their fire arguments that the number of cows in the world producing methane gas from farting is a reason for global temperature rise? If we stopped throwing away meat, we would need half the cow population we currently have.  We would have less trucks on the world shipping these products we are about to throw away.  We would have less abusive animal raising farms cause there would be less demand.

Its not just meat that can reach unsustainable proportions, but our food waste problem also cause overproduction in the plant world. Altering land masses to grow great fields of crops.  These sizes so great we need massive amount of pesticides and what not that are eventually going into us.


So it is time to stop eating with your eyes and having some self control.  If you truly are out and can’t take your food in a doggie bag,  finish all the meat/dairy products, and throw away the plant products. Also look for someone near by down on their luck you can give the food to.


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