Triathlon Gear Hygiene: Cycling

Besides fitting in the training for 3 disciplines time management is essential for triathletes in order to maintain all the gear.  This will be a series of posts discussing tips to quickly frequently make time for this.

The only bike that doesn’t need cleaning

Unless you have an invisible bicycle like this kitty, maintenance involves cleaning.  Although wearing cycling gloves can protect your hands if you need to change a tire, your calves and clothing will still get chain marks someway or another with a dirty bike.  Unlike the excuse many girls gave me for not riding, you do not need to drive somewhere to arrive cute & clean!

Even if you do not have a brand new bike, keeping your “partner” clean will:

  • lengthen the life and improve the performance of the parts
  • prevent the dirty chain and gears from getting onto everything
  • give you an opportunity to find damages before it ruins a ride
  • keep your bicycle happy, since it can’t shower itself!

Below are my favorite tutorials on cleaning your bicycle & accessories:

Do you really want to see this, just by moving your bike from one spot to another??

5-min bicycle frame/wheels clean-up: British Accent

3 step helmet clean-up (also helps prevent breaking out along the jawline) : American Accent

10-min clip shoe clean-up: British Accent

2-step handlebar tape clean-up: Simple combo of equal parts laundry detergent and baking soda with a toothbrush is excellent at taking off the grim!


  • one bucket with dish/laundry detergent and hot water
  • one clean sponge
  • one old toothbrush
  • sense of urgency
  • dry area to set it to dry

This responsibility, should you choose to accept the pride of bike ownership, means that you do not need to compromise your love of cycling with your need to be clean.

If this is how you treat your bicycle, you are asking for malfunction.


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