Yes, in quotes because no, not for bicycle racing, but as a bike messenger. It consist of delivering depositions, bills, etc between law firms. The pay is minimal – although I think it is a fair trade off for something that you look forward to doing everyday – no waiting for Friday for it to be all over and being the weekend. Yes, I love Mondays!

Some inspiration was taken from the movies Quicksilver , Premium Rush, Line of Sight, and the USA network tv show Suits

Mike Ross in the show suits is a bike messenger who is hired as a lawyer on one of his deliveries thanks to his intelligence

I have built myself up through life to have the stability to make this move – car, house all paid off. No bank or landlord hanging a noose over my head. It also helps that Bessy and I live a minimalistic lifestyle focusing on life experiences over material possessions.

I feel a rebirth in life now. The software / IT world is headed in a downward spiral. It mainly is a sitting desk job, which is known to cause ailments such as back problems for one. As of this posting I have a dreaded injury preventing me from running – and I love to run. Many races had been scratched off the calendar and that money is lost. Secondly, staring at a screen all day has diminished my vision. The rate of pay is not worth shortening your quality of life or even life span.

As for the industry itself, innovation is dead. It doesn’t take brains to create something anymore, as there are many cookie cutter applications to pre-create websites for you and what not. Think you have a brilliant idea? Likely it has already been coded – it is just whether or not it has been marketed well. You are competing with outsourcing to India, people willing to work for pennies an hour, or H1B visa employees – nothing less than modern American slavery. So basically you have to sell yourself that you are the best, willing to work as a contractor, even on a commission basis. I went to school to be and ENGINEER, not a SALESMAN!

Sales – dirty sleezy job. I am not about cheating people to maximize profit

So back to my work. How long will it last… who knows? San Diego has a small tight knit group of bike messengers who all respect and look out for each other. Most the deliveries are short barely one mile, even some faster to walk than bike. Due to this, sometimes between stops I add miles – net gain of 20-40 miles a day. I get to meet people face to face and work on my social skills – unlike social media where people’s real world social skills are declining.

Future of dating… facebooking each other at the table?

yea I had to deliver some big boxes

It is nice to not be alone in front of a computer – I am a social bug. As for swim / run training volume diminishes but the quality increases as I am strapped for time – only having 90 minutes to get it all in there. So let’s see how this rolls – so far, so good.

While we are on the topic of work, Bessy has also made a move. Unfortunately she is not in the wetsuit industry anymore, thanks to the company’s internal problems. It is cool she has all the connections she made in the tri and swim world though. She has found another line of work where just like me she is strapped for time and needs to schedule her workouts accordingly. She does this by planning runs after work during rush hour…. that way she avoids sitting in traffic and gets to drive home in 20 minutes vs over an hour! Or she does ride her bike out to and back from work, just as fast as going through rush hour.


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