So my last post I stated how I was awarded a slot to that Age Group (AG) world championships in Canada. This is at least a $1500 round plane trip with AirBnB to be budget.  USAT was pressuring the athletes 2 weeks after to immediately deposit $50 for a secured slot.  I questioned, what does this deposit go to?  Not the combined extra $600 for registration and team uniform…  but rather for USAT “support staff” (none which will benefit me) to fly out there.  The deadline approached, stressing me out to pay the same price of an ironman race; yet this race was just going to be a 1k swim and 5k run.  I turned it down, looking at it two ways.

(1) Now I have $2100 to spend for many local competitive race instead of one big race (by myself, no bessy) which maybe a total failure.  (In the last blog, yet my dismal performance I did get the slot). In fact I immediately got to sign up for a local race a few days later me and Bessy could bike too, with just as strong enough competition. The UCSD coveskipper aquathlon – 750m swim and 5k run, with a stacked field of up and coming soon to be elite athletes from the college field.

The price? $20!!! Better yet with that $50 I saved, we had a delicious brunch at Galaxy Taco. (brunch corn biscuits in chorizo-gravy sauce is a must)
Then road back with some spare change to enjoy CicloSDias, a closed street event for people to bike in an urban neighborhood.  Many multiple all day date experiences to behold…

(2) If I do go, am I racing the best? Not really, it is who can afford to go.  For instance, last AG world champs where in the middle Mexico, an easy trip for their top local athletes to make – giving them a larger talent pool, so overall that country did well.    So I will just stay here, and focus on the percentages, to measure myself. It is my personal mission to support local races or reduce costs, so more talented individuals can participate. I have been to $5 track events where high schoolers / college athletes in low income neighbor hoods are easily running 16 minutes.  I go to some big promo $50 – 5k event advertising medal, fancy t-shirt, etc, and end up winning with a 19 minute 5k… which is quite absurd, when I know there is better out there.

I deserve nothing. Its is better to chase the faster people, as it is scientifically proven that it  can improve your personal performances.  ( https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21900846 )


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