Coronado Island is the home of the Amphibious military base with a variety of terrain and water for the soldiers to train in.  The 4th of July in Coronado, CA creates a unique setting to swim in the ocean and run on the flat scenic roads all before the parade at 11am.  Since parking is limited those interested in the “double race” park in residential areas or at Central Beach, and bike over to the run. [Note: Living just a casual 20 mile bike ride away through the SouthBay Bikeway, we left our car at home altogether.]


Crown City Classic 5k/12k starts and finishes on the grass at Tidelands Park overlooking the Coronado Bridge and Downtown San Diego skyline.  The run race is an out and back, flat and fast.  This race starts at 7am. There’s a huge section for bike parking near the baseball field, and gear check if you don’t want to go back to your car!


Bike the 1.5 miles after to the 59th Annual Coronado Rough Water Swim that gathers for an open ocean swim for all ages that starts at 8am (kids) and 9am (adults).  The majority of the people that swim in this event use no wetsuit, but 5mm wetsuits are legal.

19642231_10105397899013983_8925328467739902958_nThis was my first ocean swim-only event, so I was very excited to give it a try. Yes I did wear a wetsuit for buoyancy support in the waves and a warmth layer in low 60s water.  I do prefer to swim without a wetsuit whether in open water or pool because my body rotation and position is more streamlined. I’m no hero right now and was focused on swimming strong throughout until the finish.  This event gave t-shirt and a medal, most of all it gives confidence by the bucket!  I was super impressed by the intensity of these youth for this pack swimming race:

12 & Under 250m start! CLICK TO WATCH

17 & under 1/2 Mile Swim start! CLICK TO WATCH

17 & Under 1 Mile Start! CLICK TO WATCH


You may be thinking… But I’m competitive when I run or swim, so is the DOUBLE just for fun?

Turns out the professional triathlete from Team USA that WON 2nd place at the Crown City Classic 5k (15:22) ALSO WON 2nd place at the Rough Water Swim 1-mile Swim (16:22) on the 4th of July… not too shabby Ben Kanute!

After the sweaty then refreshing ocean dip, we hung out at the parade with Coronado locals. We discovered that Coronado is a closeknit community, neighbors setup a potluck with tents every year.  It was So San Diego to experience the Amphibian-style 4th of July Double races with other TCSD family! See you there next year?



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