2018 was a year of tangible results, from years of putting our head down creating sustainable habits & growing together. While I have been able to travel to visit the East Coast family in 2017 and a missionary assignment 2018, Roger’s worked without vacation. Living in San Diego IS nice but not the same as a getaway.



The dates aligned so that Thanksgiving was a 4-day weekend for both of our jobs, so Roger wanted to cross off a bucket-list item from his list: Ski at Mammoth Mountains!  Despite loathing to sit, we needed the freedom & heat to have a car there, esp with the dog.  2 years ago we sold our daily car, which has enabled us to rent the appropriate car for the particular trip each time; 4×4 size with unlimited miles, and built-in SiriusRadio. Win, win, win.

We are half marathon training so we ran each morning to catch the sunrise before skiing shenanigans.  Hotels were pricey so we decided to just get lift ticket for 1 day each.  Bala our dog was apprehensive with snow so we decided to ski lift on different days. Mammoth has so many non-lift things to do in the snow, it was inviting. Also, Mammoth buses from lodges to the city are free so that was very inviting. The crowds were already packed despite being few weeks before the lodge officially opened.

Road trip from SD

Speechless Mountain sunrises

Day 1: Turkey Trot 10k in San Diego & drive up to Mammoth straight. Then Sleep!

Day 2: Sunrise run on snowy roads first. Still snowing hard so Roger wanted the lift ticket & Bessy introduced Bala to snow/snow running. Bala didn’t want to go back to the car!

Day 3: Sunrise run on icy roads first. Roger Alpine Touring ski. Bessy lift ticket & xc ski over to where Roger finished up to get free shuttle buses to city center. Bala had a quiet do not disturb rest day in the hotel.

Day 4: Sunrise Run on horse trails first. 3 of us cross-country ski in the Tamarack region. Then drive back to San Diego straight.




In the Fall 2018, there were four Fit Foodie 5ks to gather the overall winners for mens & womens relay teams for an upcoming marathon: Austin, Denver, Virginia & San Diego. At the Fit Foodie 5k San Diego put on by the San Diego Food & Wine Fest right before Thanksgiving, I won a slot in the Grand Cayman Islands Marathon relay team… which included flight, lodging for 2 & my race entry!  The race was Dec 2nd so Roger took off work & I arranged with my job to accept this last-minute prize. The travel agency booked our flights perfectly so minimal jet lag.


Day 1: Roger ran to the airport for 7am flight, one stop in Texas, one in Miami, then arrival 10pm on Grand Cayman!


Day 2: Sunrise shakeout before resort breakfast, pre-gaming for the Fit Foodie Team fancy brunch meet & greet after.  Such a cool diverse talented team to represent USA! Also, we went to the Pre-Race Pasta dinner which was social & healthy even in our standards 😉

Day 3: RACE DAY! Start time: 5am. Roger signed up for the Half, checkout the rare occasion that he finished the race still in the dark!

This was my 1st marathon relay, but Ragnar with November Project did help prepare me.  This course is 2 loops of 13.1~, so the exchanges were pretty simple but the conditions keep it interesting. Ladies decided I would get the “anchor” 4th leg to recover if we were off from our time plans.  1st leg is pitch black but straight on the coastal road, 2nd leg was sunrise but various turns so have to memorize the route to see the signs. Leg 3 had headwind but perfect coastal road, 4th leg (mine) no wind & 85 degrees hot sun. Aid station cheer squads were so cute & helpful!  One of the runners in our mens relay team came back on the course to help cheer me in. It was very “Perros Bravos style” of him, then I found out he’s a gym teacher so he gets it!

PortaPotty was so deluxe felt like airplane bathroom!! Multiple stalls, sink & mirror


Both Fit Foodie teams won 1st, we couldnt find our 4th runner after the finish so the wife of one of the male relay team stood in for our “4-person relay pic” but she wanted to cover her face. Good times.

Day 4: The flight from Islands to Miami was in the afternoon, so we could leisurely enjoy the morning with a run, breakfast & packing. Miami to San Diego flight was direct which was perfect to arrive back by 10pm.


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