Three plus months of hard focused work. Looking at my watch to see if I am on pace during training – and I am ready. The work is in, I got this…. or not.  Race day comes, and I miss my mile swim goal time by a mere 4 seconds! Argh… Now I have to wait another year for this proper distance mile swim race (Sharkfest – San Diego). If somehow I knew to kill myself more on the final 100yd in.  Checking my watch at that point, the cost would have been more than 4 seconds, since you stop the swim stroke to look.  Thankfully, I have found the solution: The marlin audio feed pacing device ( https://platysens.com/marlin/ ).  Because it is bone conduction audio, it should be legal for most races (but check the rules anyways) as opposed to an in-ear device.


Source: platysens marlin website


The tracking unit straps to the back of your googles, with the audio unit on the side.  You can use it in the pool or open water; to give you distance, pace, and total time.  Even beyond that, it does have guidance for open water swimming, although at the time of writing this article I have not tested that feature.  So far this has been great for me, as I can do longer sets without stopping to check my pace.  When my pace drops is when I stop. This ultimately will lead to better swim times and maintaining a proper stroke.  As a personal  example, I have dropped 1 minute off my 1500yd time, and my fly went from 1:28 to 1:16.  Better yet, when you join pure swimmer’s masters swim workout, they wont giggle at you for having that large TV display on your wrist – and perhaps envy you as they rely on the pool clock.


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