A week ago, I had my bike stolen from me when I went to swim after work (Hilton Bay Front San Diego).  The thief followed me in, and cut the lock 2 minutes later. Here is the video:

I had a hunch, I would see the bike again as it is a rare production bike and had distinct markings. This is the bike. the thief took the aero bars off:


Day after thanksgiving, I planned a 20 miler run. It ended up being cut short, 4 miles in on the Embarcadero boardwalk behind the Marriot hotel (1 mile from where it was stolen), I saw a black man with chubby face, thick blue/back winter jacket riding the bike (not same person who stole it). I stop him, hold the handle bars and ask him where he got the bike, as I saw distinct markings of this bike.  He says he brought it from craigslist. He also said he has a receipt (yea cause CL sellers gives you a receipt).  He tells me to meet at his house (near 11th and market – hmm a homeless tent??) to show it (trying to get away). I say no I am calling the police and start yelling for security and police. I yell for help to people passing by who acted APATHETIC to what was going on, no one helped! As I am doing this, out of his coat he pulls pliers, knife or something and cuts me on my arm, then makes jabbing motions to my chest where I luckily jumped back… he starts riding away and I chase him as long as I can, yelling for police and security… no help.


I could have caught him but risk being stabbed even worse.  I ran up to hotel security, where they called police for me to file a report and clean the blood from my arm.  I hope someone can help me catch this guy, as they are planning a charge assault with deadly weapon.  If you see the bike for sale anywhere, the serial number is 245714005.

I know this is not best, but his face looked similar to Notorious B.I.G… although his body wasn’t as fat.



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