While it may be prevented to extents with diet, strength training, etc, Injury in Sport is inevitable.  I started a pure focus on triathlon after I couldn’t power lift anymore.  I was dead-lifting near 3 times my body weight daily… then one day my neighbor decides to talk to me in the middle of the lift. *POP*.  Blown disc. I recovered and tried to work my way back up to my previous abilities, but re-injured myself. It was my passion, the mental part of not being able to continue hurt the most… So I had to divert my energy to other endeavors.  Still on this new path, I did obtain other injuries.  They will happen, its just how you deal with them that matters:


  • 2011 – Plantar Fasciitis – Cause: Minimal shoes (vibram 5 fingers).  Solution: Calf stretches, shoes with heal lift.
  • 2011 (2) – Broken metatarsal bone in foot – Cause: Stepping on a shot glass hard.  I mistaken this for continuing PF injury until I had an X-Ray.  Solution: MBT rounded heal sandals. They allowed me to jog run still, without putting pressure on the bone while it healed.
  • 2013 – Achilles Tendinitis – Cause: high mileage, one leg being shorter than other. Solution: lower calf stretching, foot pulling, HOKA one one shoes.  This injury is still not resolved, since my legs are still asymmetrical. Some people do get surgeries to cut it, but it can result in permanent damage too.
  • 2014 – PSOAS (inner thigh muscle) – Cause: running down stairs. Solution: Avoid downhill running, leg raise exercises to rebuild muscle
  • 2015 – Piriformis – Cause: over training in a bike mileage competition, I burned muscle off (almost did an ironman everyday for a month). Solution: Break from running, although I did still use the stairmaster. To rebuild the muscle, clam shell exercises which I do daily to this day.
  • 2016 – Broken foot (heel bone) – Cause: Hit by a car on my bike. Solution: Time off
  • 2017 – Flu, rhabdomyolysis, adrenal fatigue – Cause: training too hard often, when your pee is red, that is damaged muscle. Solution: Gaining back weight, listening to my body when its tired instead of stupid written scheduled workouts. AND yea.. easing up on my coffee usage… still in progress!

meme running injured


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